Number Puzzles 02



This resource is aimed at pupils in junior/middle classes or SEN pupils who are working on number. It is based on the consolidation of numbers in the range 0-25. The resource features four sets of ten puzzles with a Christmas train theme. (Set 1: Numbers 0-9; Set 2: Numbers 1-10; Set 3: Numbers 6-15; Set 4: Numbers 16-25)

Laminate the pages in the resource you wish to use and cut each one up into ten separate strips. Laminate another piece of A4 card. Adhere a long strip of Velcro to the laminated card at the top and the bottom. Adhere a square of Velcro to the top and bottom of each of the ten strips. Present the pupil with the ten numbered strips placed in a random order. The pupil then uses their knowledge of number order to position the strips correctly onto the backing card using the Velcro to reconstruct the image.

Alternatively, the pages could be printed and cut into strips. The pupils could then be required to reconstruct the image by sticking the strips in order onto a blank page using glue. (I hope all of this makes sense!)

This is a great way for pupils to demonstrate their conservation of number in a fun way. It is also good for fine motor skills in the putting together of the puzzles. This was a typical activity we gave to some of our pupils in our SEN setting as a fun homework activity at this time of year.

This video shows how to put this resource together and how it works: