Book Review – An Nollaig

“Learn Irish with Fiadh – An Nollaig” is a new English/Irish bilingual picture book. The book is aimed at younger children to help them to learn new Irish vocabulary in a fun way. It’s also aimed at parents/teachers to assist the young child in learning this new Irish vocabulary.

The first book in this series “An Nollaig” aims to help the young child to learn new vocabulary associated with Christmas. The book consists of a series of double pages. On the left hand page is a large illustration of a single item eg. crann Nollag, Stoca, réinfhia, bronntanais, bréagáin etc.

On the right hand page is the same object in a sentence, which gives the object context. Both pages together gives the pupil an opportunity to learn the individual vocabulary and also to see the vocabulary being used in context.

The story revolves around the central character of Fiadh, a young girl who is getting ready for Christmas. Fiadh leaves out her stocking, Santa delivers the presents, Fiadh plays with the toys and eats her Christmas dinner.

The font used for the text is large and clear. The Gaeilge version uses a larger and bolder print with the English version directly underneath in a smaller font size. This will greatly assist parents who have little Irish. The authors are also working on audio versions to help such parents with pronunciation.

All of the illustrations in the book are large, colourful and clear and add to the enjoyment of the book.

The authors have also published a 30-page associated colouring book, “Learn Irish With Fiadh – Leabhar Dathúcháin” which is also available on the link below for €4.00

Learn Irish With Fiadh – An Nollaig” by C. Kilbride and C. Donoghue, is on sale now for €4.90 (P/B).

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the authors free of charge to Nollaig Shona for the purposes of this review