An Nollaig – Measúnú



If you have done a unit of work on vocabulary associated with An Nollaig, you may wish to assess how familiar the pupils are with the vocabulary associated with this topic. This pack contains twelve pages of assessment on An Nollaig, with three different ways of assessment. There are 30 An Nollaig images to be assessed. There are 20 pages in this resource with answer sheets also provided.

The first assessment of the resource consists of three pages which give the pupils an image and three possible choices for an answer which they have to circle, colour or highlight; the second assessment gives an image and the pupils have to label that image underneath (a table with all of the spellings is provided for the pupils); the final assessment gives pupils the label and cut and stick images which the pupils have to match to show their understanding of the word.

The list of vocabulary is not intended as an exhaustive list of An Nollaig vocabulary, but pupils will be doing well if they know these 30 words. This An Nollaig Word Mat could be used as part of the teaching of this topic.

These assessment sheets could be used singly to teach vocabulary, or they could simply be used as intended, as assessment sheets.