Christmas Dominoes 01




This seasonal domino game resource is aimed at giving younger pupils experience of word-picture matching in a fun way. There are 24 domino cards in the pack with three printed on each A4 page.

Domino games have many benefits for pupils, especially in an educational context. They promote co-operative learning, problem solving skills, critical thinking skills as well as fine motor skills. They also help to consolidate the educational content of the game in a fun way.

There is only one solution to completing this full set of dominoes, the order in which they are in the download.

This set of domino cards could be used as a warm-up for a literacy lesson, for working with a group during Station Teaching or as a way of revising vocabulary that pupils have learned.

It is recommended that the cards be cut out and then laminated so that they can be used again and again.

If you think that the cards are too large, you can reset your printer preferences to print out two sheets per A4 page. This is what I have done with similar resources for my own classroom.