Christmas Tracing Cards



This resource, aimed at younger pupils and pupils with poor fine motor control, contains cards with 24 different patterns for pupils to trace. The cards give pupils opportunities to practise their fine motor skills and pencil control.

The cards contain a variety of patterns for pupils to trace including straight lines, wavy lines, zig-zag lines, u-shaped lines etc. There are even a couple of wacky patterns included to challenge the better able pupils!

The cards feature different Christmas images – this will promote a left to right orientation as you can explain to the pupil that they should  always start on the side with the Christmas image.

Each page in the resource contains three copies of the same pattern, so the resource could be split into three separate packs.

It is recommended that the cards be cut out and laminated. The pupil can then use a whiteboard marker to trace the lines which can then be rubbed out afterwards with a damp cloth, meaning that the cards can be used repeatedly.

This video shows how this resource works: