Christmas Dolch Word Mats



Dolch words are a list of 220 “service words” developed in the 1940s by William Dolch. They consist of a series of sets of words which are considered to be vocabulary which occurs most frequently in children’s reading material. This resource contains each set of words on a single page with Christmas themed borders and images.

Although some of the words in these lists can be sounded out phonetically, they really should be memorised as “sight words”.

These mats are aimed at helping pupils to memorise the Dolch list they are learning in a fun, game-based way. They can be used as a teaching tool by the teacher or for games like Bingo which pupils would easily engage with. They are suitable for group work or for use at a literacy table during Station Work time. They could also be used with a whole class activity on the IWB.

(.PDF file 938 KB)