Christmas Image Trail



The aim of this resource is to create an active seasonal activity geared towards infant/younger pupils. There are seven different trails in the resource, based on the same sixteen cards which pupils have to find and tick off.

The teacher has a choice of how to organise the trail using the different trail options included in the pack. Depending on the age group and ability levels of the pupils, the teacher can decide to do the 16, 12 or 9-card versions of the same trail. There is one 16-card version; three 12-card versions; three 9-card versions. Because the same images are used, it is possible to use the different versions for differentiation within the same classroom.

There are also two sets of cards in the resource for pupils to find – one with just the Christmas images and one that has the Christmas images and a label. Again, the teacher can decide which set to use.

It is recommended that the card images for the trail be cut out and laminated. On each card is a Christmas-themed image. Place these cards randomly around the classroom, corridor, around the school or in the school yard to create your Christmas Trail.

Print out a copy of the Christmas Trail Sheet (whichever one you decide to use) for each pupil/pair. When the pupil finds each card on the trail, they tick the box beside the appropriate image on their answer sheet.

The images should spark a conversation with the teacher, either on the trail or back in the classroom, as to what was in each image of the trail.

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