Santa’s Workshop Gift List


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This resource is designed for use in a Santa’s Workshop role play area in the classroom. It contains gift lists for sixteen children, eight boys and eight girls. From toddlers to older children are included. Each list has three gifts that the child asked Santa for, two gifts and a surprise.

The idea is that pupils, in role play as elves in Santa’s Workshop, select a child’s gift list, find the items on the list, wrap them and place them on Santa’s sleigh, ready for delivery.

It is suggested that the gift lists are cut up and laminated, thereby allowing them to be used again and again. Pupils can then use whiteboard markers to tick items off each child’s list as soon as they are sorted.

The resource contains gift tags for each of the sixteen children on the list, so that they can be affixed to the gifts on Santa’s sleigh.

The resource also contains boys’ and girls’ collective gift lists, so that as the gifts for each child are sorted, they can be ticked off the list. There is also a naughty and a nice list on which pupils can write the names of some of the children. I hope your pupils enjoy using this resource.

The images used in this resource are from Creative Clips on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.