Christmas Jokes Matching



This resource is aimed at pupils in middle classes. There are Christmas Jokes questions on red flashcards and Christmas Jokes answers on green flashcards. Pupils have to sort out the jokes and match the questions to the correct answers. There are twelve jokes to match. The resource assumes an ability to read.

Print out all pages in the resource and, if possible, laminate all of the pages. Cut out all of the flashcards. Get pupils, perhaps in a small group working on the floor, to read the joke questions and answers and try to match the pairs. This activity might be suitable for a literacy station during Station Teaching.

As a follow-up activity, the same Christmas jokes are included in a “cut and paste” individual pupil activity – where pupils have to cut out all of the joke answers and paste them under the correct jokes on four different pages.

Both files are included in a .Zip download.