Christmas QR Code Trail 01



The purpose of this resource is to create an active Christmas-themed technology lesson where pupils get out of their desks to complete the task. Suitable for middle/senior classes, all of the questions on the activity relate to Christmas traditions, songs, movies etc.

Cut out and laminate each of the the twenty six cards in the pack. On each card is the card number on the left and a QR Code on the right. Embedded in the QR Code is the Christmas-themed question. Pupils will need a mobile device with a QR Code Reader App installed in order to read the code. Internet connection is not needed as the embedded questions are just text. (it’s probably better not to have internet access enabled or have a QR Code reader App that automatically connects online as pupils can then look up answers!) Using a QR Code App is better than using the device camera.

Place these cards randomly around the classroom or around the school or outside around the school grounds to create a type of Christmas trail. Print out a copy of the Pupil Answer Sheet for each pupil/pair. (a colour or a black/white version is provided) When the pupils find each card on the trail they scan the code, read the question, work out the answer and write the answer beside the appropriate number on their answer sheet.

Answers for the teacher are also provided.

This would be a perfect activity in the week leading up to the Christmas break.

Included in the download are:

  • The 26 Trail Cards
  • Answer Sheets for Pupils
  • Answers for Teacher
  • Homework Vouchers as Prizes

Files are in .PDF format and all are gathered together into a .ZIP file for the download.