Christmas Counting 01




This new seasonal resource consists of 5 worksheets for pupils to practise their early number skills using seasonal Christmas images.The pupil has to count the number of each of six different Christmas-themed images in the large box at the top of each worksheet and fill the correct number into the appropriate box at the bottom of the page.

The five worksheets focus on the numbers 0-10 so they would be most appropriate for infant classes.

The teacher could perhaps teach pupils skills to make sure that they have correctly counted all of the images eg. pupils could be told to colour all the crackers grey at first, then count them and fill in the number beside the cracker at the bottom of the page. The same could be done for each of the remaining five images. When completed, the pupil could also colour in the Christmas-themed decorative border.

These worksheets would also be suitable to do as a class activity on the IWB.