Christmas Alphabet Worksheets Booklet (Upper Case)



This resource consists of a seasonal 27-page pupil booklet to help consolidate their knowledge and recognition of lower case letters of the alphabet. There is a separate page for each letter of the alphabet. Pupils are asked to find and colour the identified letters on each individual worksheet. 

Each worksheet features a large lower case letter in the top left hand corner which pupils can either trace or colour. There is also a Christmas image in the top right of each worksheet – the name of the image starts with the featured letter of the worksheet. Pupils could also colour this image.

There are 27 letters on each worksheet with approximately 7/8 of the featured letter for pupils to colour. All of the worksheets are in black/white. The worksheets could be stapled together to form an individual booklet for each pupil.

This would be a perfect literacy activity for pupils to complete at this time of the year.