Say It Think It 01




This resource is aimed at pupils with poor social skills who need practice in knowing the difference between thinking something and saying it aloud, especially at Christmas time. This resource also aims to develop categorisation skills as well as to encourage oral language and discussion on the topic.

Pages 1-4 should be laminated. The small squares on pages 3-4 should then be cut out. Velcro should be attached to the squares on pages 1-2 and at the back of all cut out squares from pages 3-4. With a teacher/SNA working with a pupil, pages 1-2 are placed on the table.

The cut-out squares could then be handed to the pupil one at a time and, if they are able, ask them to read it and decide whether it is something they should think only or say aloud. When the pupil is achieving success with this, all 12 squares could be handed to them at once to sort.

Borders on the small squares are colour co-ordinated with the base sheets to assist with categorisation.