New Year Acts of Kindness


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This set of posters is designed to encourage pupils to perform practical acts of kindness in the classroom/school as we start into a new calendar year. The pack contains 24 posters in all, encouraging pupils to: Give a compliment to a classmate; Hold a door open for someone; Tell someone a joke; Say “Good Morning” with a smile, among others.

In his book “Your Precious Life – How to Live it Well”, author and former teacher Shane Martin says that “Kindness as a trait is almost magnetic in it effect. It draws people closer to each other.” He also says that “Kindness seems to be its own reward”.

This resource would be a great way to place an emphasis on sharing kindness in the classroom/school at the beginning of the New Year.

If you find that these posters are too large, set your printer preferences to print two pages per page.