Nativity Reversals


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This is a Christmas oral language activity that can be done with pupils in middle and senior class standards. On each card are the names of three items relating to the Nativity story. The purpose of the activity is to help develop the working memory of the pupils, while at the same time encouraging them to speak aloud and learn some new language. The more you do this activity, the better pupils become at it. It is also an activity that pupils will really enjoy.

The teacher reads out the three items to a pupil in the order that they appear on the card. The pupil must then repeat the three items in reverse order to the teacher. Pupils may find this difficult at first. However, they should get better the more often they do it. When the pupils are used to the items on these cards, the teacher could call out the items starting with the last one and again asking the pupils to reverse them.

There are 32 cards in this resource. They should be printed, cut out and laminated. They should then be kept in a box as the same cards can be used many times over. If you think that the cards are too large, set your printer preferences to print two pages per page.