Matching Gingerbread Faces



This resource is aimed at younger pupils or SEN pupils who would benefit from practice with visual discrimination skills. The resource features 16 pairs of cards showing a variety of Gingerbread faces, making 32 cards in the resource. The faces have different facial expressions and different head decorations. Half of the cards have a green border and half have a red border – the teacher should teach the pupils that they have to match a green bordered card with a red one.

Pupils have to match the Gingerbread face with its partner from a selection. Depending on the ability/age of the pupil/s, the teacher could decide to gradually build up a pupil’s skill in this activity by starting with 4/6 images and gradually introducing more. The pack could be split into two packs.

It is suggested that the cards be cut out and laminated so that they could be used again and again.

This activity would be especially suitable for a small group during Station Teaching. It would also be a fun homework activity for an SEN pupil at this time of the year.