Gift Box 2D Shapes




With Christmas in the air, this pack of Gift Box-themed 2D Shapes display posters should be appealing to pupils and get them to engage with learning the names of various 2D shapes.

The posters include Gift Box-themed images of a circle, square, rectangle, hexagon, oval, star etc. Fourteen 2D shapes in all are featured. There are 32 pages in this resource.

If you find that these posters are too  large for the display area available in your classroom, simply adjust your Printer Preferences to print two posters per page.

Also included in the download is a full set of the posters with the label missing. The labels are provided separately so that the pupils can play a Word-Picture Matching Game. If you wish, you could print these out four to a page to make a small game suitable for pupils to play at their desks in groups. The video below shows how this game could work using similar shapes.