Counting Baubles


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Focusing on the numbers 0-10, this seasonal numeracy resource can be used to help younger pupils to consolidate their knowledge and understanding of basic number. Pupils have to count the number of Red Baubles on each card and attach the correct number in the blank box.

This seasonal numeracy activity could be used as a warm-up for a Maths lesson, for working with a small group or for a numeracy station in Station Teaching.

Cut out all of the 11 cards, the Choice Board and the individual numbers and laminate them all. Place Velcro on the blank spaces on the Choice Board and the blank spaces on the individual cards. Place Velcro also on the back of the individual numbers.

When starting to play this game, place the numbers on the Choice Board in numerical order. As the pupil becomes more confident, jumble up the numbers on the Choice Board.

This video shows how this seasonal resource works: