Christmas Trail 02



The purpose of this resource is to create an active, fun seasonal Christmas lesson where pupils get out of their desks to complete the task (possibly in Christmas jumpers!) This trail is aimed at younger pupils and all 26 answers are associated with some aspect of Christmas.

Cut out and laminate the twenty six cards for the trail. On each card is a Christmas-related image on the bottom and a large letter of the alphabet on the top. Place these cards randomly around the classroom or around the school or in the school grounds to create a type of Christmas trail.

Print out a copy of the Pupil Answer Sheet for each pupil/pair. Pupils firstly have to find each card on the trail, making it into a kind of treasure hunt. They then have to work out what the image on the card is and write the answer beside the appropriate letter on their answer sheet.

The answer for each card begins with the letter on the card – so you have B for bells, E for Elf, S for Santa, T for tree etc. There are a few cards that pupils may find difficult and may need a clue for eg. F for Frankincense, M for Mistletoe, Q for Quilt. However, I didn’t want to have a question or explanatory text on any of the cards to keep them text free.

Included in the .Zip download is the 26 Image Cards; the Answer Sheet for the pupils (in both colour and black/white); Answers to all of the images; Homework Vouchers to use as prizes for the Trail.