Christmas Sentences 03




This resource is aimed at pupils in first to third classes or SEN pupils. Its purpose is to assist with the understanding of both sentence structure and reading for meaning. These Christmas sentences are made up of six words.

Laminate all of the pages in the resource. Cut out the five sentence strips and the corresponding words, which are colour co-ordinated to assist with matching. Place velcro in each of the empty boxes on the sentence strips and on the rear of the individual words. Place the words, jumbled up, onto each sentence strip. The pupil has then to unjumble the sentences, using strategies such as putting in the capitalised word at the beginning followed by the word with the full stop at the end.

When the pupil has unjumbled the sentence, they should read it aloud to make sure it makes sense. It could also then be written out by the pupil into a copy, if they are able.

Alternatively, the pages could simply be printed out and the pupil could be given the words jumbled up and asked to cut and paste them onto the sentence strips to make the sentences.