Christmas Food Photo Pack (Gaeilge)


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This new resource is aimed at making pupils aware of food associated with the season of Christmas. The pack consists of 42 different photo posters with a Christmas food theme using high quality photos which would make a great display in the classroom or school corridor. Each poster has a seasonal border, a full colour photo and a word label as Gaeilge. The aim of the resource is also to introduce Gaeilge vocabulary around a Christmas food theme and to spark a conversation about what foods are eaten around Christmas in each pupil’s home.

Some of the foods included in the pack are: putóg naa Nollag, císte Nollag, turcaí, liamhás, seacláidí, pióg úll, prátaí rósta, panettone, súlach srl.

If you find that the posters are too  large for the display area available in your classroom, simply adjust your Printer Preferences to print two posters per page.