2-Step Christmas Directions 01



This seasonal resource is aimed at pupils in junior classes or pupils with speech and language difficulties, especially receptive language. Its aim is to help improve the pupil’s ability to process information and follow two-step directions. There are 12 cards in this pack.

Each card contains six Christmas-themed images. There is a two-step instruction at the top of each card, asking the pupil to touch/point to one image first and then to a second one. Some pupils can find this a difficult skill as it requires the pupil to either read/listen to the instruction, process it and then carry out the instruction.

Each of the 12 different Christmas images contained in the pack feature in both the first and second position in the direction. Each of the images also appears in different positions.

Make sure that the pupil understands what each image is called before commencing this activity.

Cut out all of the 12 cards in the pack and laminate them. Present the pupil with one card at a time. If the pupil is able, they can read the instruction at the top of the card. Alternatively the teacher/SNA/supporting adult can read the instruction to the pupil. The pupil should then carry out the instruction in the given order.