Welcome Back

Welcome back to Nollaig Shona, your Seomra Ranga website for all your Christmas resources! After a lot of planning, designing and preparation over the last few months, the revamped website is finally ready. First set up in 2011, the website needed an update for its tenth birthday.


The website has got a good Spring clean – getting rid of a lot of out-of-date material and links that had become obsolete. It’s been re-organised with new navigation and the Blog and resources have been separated to make it a bit clearer.


We have introduced a Shop for the resources on the site. This had become necessary to cover the ever-increasing costs associated with the website. We have done our best to keep the costs reasonable. Some resources are available at reduced prices, while others are available for free. The FAQs section of the website explains clearly how purchasing of the resources works on the website.


It will take visitors to the site some time to get used to it. I’ve been working with it for quite some time so I am used to it at this stage. However, I’m sure it will take regular visitors to Seomra Ranga a while to get used to finding the content that they need. I hope that given some time, visitors will become comfortable with the new look, feel and structure of the site.


Because the site is blog-based, visitors can make comments on posts and resources on the site and I hope that people will start to do that. Visitors can also engage with Seomra Ranga through the Facebook page which will keep people up to date with new developments on both Seomra Ranga and Nollaig Shona. You can also follow Seomra Ranga on Twitter and Instagram.


You could also subscribe to Nollaig Shona via email in the top right hand side of the site. You can also make contact with me through the Contact Page on the Menu bar.